This section of the website contains tools to assess your overall health. It features a Body-Mass Index calculator and a Calorie calculator. These will help you in self-assessment of your current physical state. It is aimed at making you conscious about yourself. At times we are not aware of our condition and may put ourselves at risk rather unknowingly. A quick check here may help you to avert any looming disaster a lead you to a healthy life.


BMI Calculator

Body mass index (BMI) is an appraisal of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women. BMI does not make a distinction between body fat and muscle mass. Therefore, body builders and people who have a lot of muscle volume will have a high BMI but are not overweight.


BMI Underweight :

Below 18.5

Normal :

18.5 – 24.9

Overweight :

25.0 – 29.9

Obesity :

30.0 and Above

Fat circulated around the waist is a risk factor for health complications such as cardio vascular diseases and type II diabetes. Fat that are stored around the hips and buttocks are not in the same bracket of risk.


Calorie Calculator

Merely a broad guideline can be recommended here because the recommended calorie intake varies according to individual needs (such as level of activity, weight, state of health and BMI). In general, an average:

  • A young male requires 2,500 Cal per day.
  • A young female requires 1,800 Cal per day.
  • Start by eating 500 less calories per day if you need to lose weight.

Therefore, average men and women need between 1,800 to 2,500 calories each day to provide energy. Less than 1,500 calories daily will put a serious strain on your nutritional requirements and your health.

Now you can find out your calorie intake and then see how much is needed to increase or decrease to maintain a healthy body.